The following is a list of gear that you will find useful if you choose to join the 63rd Bn. Lightfoot. These are all recommendations, please do NOT allow the lack of availability to gear preclude you from training. There is no gear that can replace practical experience.


Should be semi-auto. Should be of a common caliber e.g.. 7.62x39, .308win, .223rem. Older Military surplus are also perfectly acceptable, but you should bear in mind that ammunition may well become scarce, and 8mm and .303Brit should be well stocked if you opt for one of these calibers.


If you choose a secondary weapon, it should be of a major caliber. 9mm, .40S&W, or .45acp for semi-autos, and .357mag (and larger) for revolvers. Be sure to choose a reliable handgun with a well established reputation.


You should carry as much ammunition as you can comfortably carry. You Should carry about 200- 300 rounds in your combat load, part of which should be in magazines (6 - 10) preferable 20 round plus (make sure they are reliable mags). A bare minimum of 1,000 rounds should be on hand for each weapon you own. If you opt for a sidearm, you should have 4 - 30 round magazines carried in your battle load.

LBE (Load Bearing Equipment)

Generally it will consist of a belt with suspenders, and you will attach your canteens, magazine pouches/ammo bandoliers, first aid kits, sidearm, etc. Most folks opt for the USGI issued cartridge belt and H/Y Harness or the USGI load bearing vest.


If you are on the move you will need equipment and food, so you will need to have something to keep it in (that isn't on your LBE). Most folks use the USGI A.L.I.C.E. (All Purpose Individual Carrying Equipment) pack or the new MOLLE pack. Military packs will run 25.00 - 40.00 for surplus.


Any boot worn by our combat troops will be more than sufficient. Don't expect to last very long if you plan to fight in a pair of sneakers. Go get a good pair of boots.


You should have at least a 3 day supply in your 72 hour battle pack. MREs are expensive, but they will last a long time. We have a document on how to make your own, and much less expensive.


Generally we wear some manner of BDU (camouflage utilities) with the pattern Woodland. This is not to say that you MUST use BDUs. Anything that you would wear to hunt in the field with would be perfect for militia use. If you are in an urban environment, street clothes are the best cammo.


Should be of the fixed blade variety. A 5" blade seems to be the unspoken standard. The USMC issued K-BAR fills this requirement and is relatively inexpensive. Professionals seem to prefer Tanto Blades


Compass; Flashlight; First Aid Kit; Field Jacket & Liner Poncho; Spare Rifle/Pistol Parts..