Emergencies such as natural or manmade disasters, a declaration of martial law, a terrorist event or foreign invasion etc. could disrupt your ability to travel, procure food, medical and fuel supplies and disrupt communications and utility services.
Without proper planning for these events and the acquisition and storage of essential supplies you will be at the mercy of the elements or the oppressor. It is imperative that EVERY militia member and his family prepare to survive totally off the grid with no outside assistance for periods of up to a year. Do not be discouraged or overwhelmed by this idea. Begin by cutting expenses.
Make a bare bones budget and stick to it. Get out of debt ASAP. Sell off unnecessary items and junk for extra cash. Build a nest egg of hard currency. You should maintain at least a 3 month emergency cash reserve to cover ALL living expenses. Plant a garden and can food. Buy staples in bulk. Go for group purchases. Build your essential supplies one step at a time. Start with the basic home supplies; most of which you probably already have scattered around the house. Organize these supplies in a storage room or area. Make sure each family member has a 72 hour Bug Out Bag packed and ready in case you have to evacuate in a hurry. Keep a 72 hour emergency kit packed in each vehicle and be sure all vehicles gas tanks are kept full at all times Keep spare 5 gallon cans for each vehicle.